Sharing up to date Excel reports with your team just got easier.

Sabisu Publisher makes it really easy to create simple KPI dashboards from your spreadsheets. Share them with your team. Collaborate to make faster, better decisions.

Today we’re introducing improvements to the login and publishing processes that will make the Sabisu Publisher even easier to use.


Logging in

We’ve improved the login process making it even quicker and easier to use the Sabisu Publisher. You’ll now only be prompted to login once you publish something meaning you can continue using Excel uninterrupted.

Sabisu Publisher Login Screen


This means that it’s no longer possible to authenticate with the Add-In but not the Publisher; now one login will authenticate you in both places simultaneously, meaning no more multiple logins.


Our customers tell us that being able to publish things quickly from Excel is really important to them. We’ve made some changes that will make the Sabisu Publisher even faster for you.

The ‘Publish’ button in the Add-Ins menu in Excel has been made bigger and clearer.

We’ve improved navigation between entry fields in the Add-In menu, enabling you to press Tab to advance or Shift + Tab to go back.

The ‘Publish to Sabisu’ checkbox is now enabled by default, so you don’t need to remember to check it.


Finally your Community list in the Sabisu Publisher will automatically refresh ensuring you always have the most up to date list available to you.


This is particularly useful when you’re bringing new users onto the platform.

Bug Fixes

The following defects have also been fixed in this release:

  • The issue where multiple ‘S’ icons stacked up in the system tray has been resolved.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where false errors will no longer show in the Publisher, i.e., previously when in a GMT+ timezone, it was possible for a publication to show as errored when in fact it was successful.
  • An occasional error on startup of the Sabisu Publisher where an ‘null reference exception’ was encountered has been resolved.
  • Opening Sabisu from the system tray icon no longer throws an error.

You can get started now by downloading with the Sabisu Publisher right now. We’re excited to hear what you think!


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