Staying on top of licensing in Sabisu

Sabisu is all about self-service and clarity. With users requesting better visibility and control of licenses, it made sense to deliver this the ‘Sabisu way’.

Managing your user licenses is now really easy. We’ve added a new widget to the Community Reports page which shows you how many current Sabisu Licenses you have and whether you’re within the terms of your license agreement.

Every customer has a ‘top-level’ Community, with a hierarchy of Communities sitting underneath, e.g., Poiltry Plc may have many sites, business initiatives or departments. When you purchase licenses they will be allocated to the Community making the purchase, e.g., Poiltry Plc, or a specific site within the organisation.

All users are then rolled up into this licensed entity. So if you have users spread across multiple sites and Communities, they’ll be rolled up into one place.

This one place is at the foot of the community reporting page. If you’re looking at a Community which is licensed by a parent Community, this will be shown, e.g., looking at the Manchester site will show that it’s licensed under Poiltry Plc.

If the report is green it means your licenses match the number of users using the system. If it’s red it indicates you’ve more users on the system than licenses.

While it’s important that all users are licensed for security and support reasons, the platform will not deny access as a matter of course for a temporarily exceeding licensed user numbers. There could be good reasons for a temporary increase in user numbers, e.g., crisis management may require third parties need to be included.

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