Subtab icon change and themed table headers (r11966)

Today we’ve pushed a couple of minor changes to the platform in response to some UX feedback.

Firstly, you may be used to seeing sub-tabs represented on the page tab by a number like this:

Sabisu Sub-tab numbers

However, our users have pointed out that (i) it’s not obvious what that ‘3’ is for and (ii) that it allows you to see more pages.

So we’ve replaced the number with an icon, made the area around it larger and also made it change colour on mouseover, so it’s very clear that it’s functional. Here it is:

Sabisu subtab icon

We think that’s much clearer.

The other major change is that table headers throughout the platform will now reflect the current corporate theme.

The default table header is as it was:

Sabisu Table no theme

Here’s an example of a table header aligned to a current theme:

Sabisu table header - theme applied

Of course this is very neat as each widget can now reflect the corporate theme.

As always if you have any questions or suggestions, head over to our LinkedIn group and share your thoughts.


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