Supporting Actions: Better structure and organisation of your Sabisu Actions

We’ve just released a new update to Sabisu Actions which enables a user to create supporting Actions. This update means that you can create supporting Actions which are associated with the main Action. A good example of this is if an Action is created to mitigate a risk on a plant, supporting Actions can be created detailing what the risk mitigation is along with who performed any associated actions and whether the mitigation is complete.

To create supporting Actions you need to create the main Action first. Once this is done a new section will appear called “Supporting Actions” with the ability to create new ones. Clicking “Create New” will create the supporting Action and automatically populate some of the fields based on what was populated in the main Action e.g. importance, urgency, assigned etc. The due date of the supporting Action will be set the day before the main Action is due but can be changed by the user. This takes away the tedious task of having to populate the same fields in the new Action.

The supporting Action makes reference to the main Action it was created from and within the main Action you can see a status of any supporting Actions that have been created. You can click on the supporting Actions in the main Action to be taken through to them and this works in reverse as well.

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