Tables now available in Sabisu Flow

A few weeks ago we released Sabisu Flow which allowed you to manage workflows and processes by building a simple application. This week we’ve added two new features which make it even better.

Table Component

Tables are suitable for column-oriented or tabular data – often stored as columns in a spreadsheet.

For example, you can use a table to store audit or inspection data, with rows representing different observations and columns the observation details.

The table component in Sabisu Flow allows you to do this easily, configuring columns and rows to ensure you capture the right data. You can allow users filling out the form to add additional rows.

Print a Flow Form

You are now able to print a Flow form. You’ll find the print option in the hamburger menu located next to the save button.

Of course, paper is a static record, so you might want to consider giving other users access to Sabisu.

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