Take control of your data acquisitions

Sabisu has always used SDOs (Sabisu Data Objects) to abstract end-users and developers from the details of connecting to back end data-sources, allowing them to focus on the data and how it is best used rather than the technical details.

SDO creation, editing and deletion has now been overhauled to be easier to use. You can access SDOs through the Data Objects option in the top left Sabisu menu.

Data objects can now be managed to anyone, though certain SDOs are locked down to Sabisu support, or Unit Administrators, who can still edit any SDO on their Unit.

Other SDOs are locked to Communities, meaning a wider number of users will have edit access. Anybody who is in a community that has been set as “Can Edit” in the SDO will be able to edit it.

For example, Process Engineers could set up their own SDO to point to a historian such as OSISoft PI or AspenTech IP.21, ensuring that their Pipelines can then be pointed to the correct place.

Removing the reliance on developers to set up SDOs means data acquisition can be totally self-service when using Sabisu Bridge, Go and Pipelines.

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