Tell a story with Waterfall charts

We often get requests from cost teams to help them migrate their reports from MS Excel or SAP into Sabisu. Cost reports can be the output of a complex process which lives in MS Excel or SAP and requires specific domain knowledge held by a handful of experts.

As these processes are automated in Sabisu, we find there are visualisations which would be useful to others and so we have Waterfall charts.

Waterfall charts are great for showing the journey taken to arrive at a cumulative total by giving a breakdown of the positive and negative contributions. They’re ideal for showing cost breakdowns, contingency usage or budget evolution.

Outside the cost world, they can be used for Project Reporting, Supply Chain Management or HR reports.

Examples include:

  • Highlight budget changes in a project
  • Show the transition of risk ratings
  • Changes in revenue and profit
  • Inventory – showing decrements with sales/allocation and then increments with deliveries
  • Employee headcounts


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