The all new header bar. (v5711)

Today we’re announcing an entirely new header bar and 3 improvements that will make Notifications even better.

Header Bar

The Header Bar is one of the most subtle yet important parts of Sabisu. We’ve been working with key customers to make it even easier to use. 
The icons have been switched to text with a simple colour bar making it easier to navigate around Sabisu.
The header menus will now behave consistently in all browsers.
We’ve also updated all the Themes to reflect the new changes to the header bar in the platform.


As part of the work on the header bar, Notifications have seen 3 great improvements.

First, the Notification count in the header is bigger and clearer for you when new Notifications occur.


Second, the drop menu has been revamped and an arrow added to make it clear you can action a Notification.

And we’ve made it really obvious which Notifications are your latest by highlighting them with a blue line in the list.

Other Enhancements

  • We’ve improved the styling and behaviour of the Expando Block on widgets.
  • When cloning a widget, a feedback bar is now given to show a widget has been cloned.
  • The styling of the component list in the Builder has been updated to make it easier for you to filter through the components.
  • You can now sort your Actions by the Community they’re visible to.
  • You can now use Sabisu $ functions in the fields for the DataJoin and DataComponent components in the Builder. This allows you to make more generic and powerful on-demand data structures more easily.

Bug Fixes

  • Some issues with Sub-Tabs on Community pages have been fixed.
    • Pressing reset on a Sub-Tab will now reset that Community page.
    • Discarding a Sub-Tab in Edit Mode will now discard the edit, rather than deleting the Sub-Tab.
  • Changed the order results appear when using search in the Store from a ranking system to a simple alphabetical sort on Applications and Widgets.

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