The All-New Publication Approval Process

The Sabisu Publisher is really simple tool that allows you to distribute and collaborate on your existing Excel reports with very little effort. The challenge has been to implement an Approvals process that’s easy to use, but allows flexible control of data so as to ensure that each user Community sees only appropriate versions of data. We launched the original Approvals Process for Excel Publications back in April and since then it’s become one of the most popular features in Sabisu. With this week’s release, we’re really excited to announce an all-new version. 

What’s new?

With this new design we’ve created a tool flexible enough to compliment a variety of customer business processes but it’s still really easy to use. We’ve made the process of browsing and approving Publications much simpler and have added the ability to assign Actions.


How can I get started?

Publication Approvals is located in the same place; simply click the icon on the V-Bar when you’re in the Workplace.


In the V-Bar menu you’ll see a list of Communities that contain Publications for you to approve. In this example, the A&W Community contains 3 updated Publications requiring approval.


Filtering and Searching

When you click on a Community in the list you’ll see a grid-view with all the Publications available to that Community. You can sort the view by A-Z, Date Added and Community Page, or simply search for a specific Publication.



New vs Updated Publications

We’ve introduced two new labels which appear on your Publications; ‘new’ and ‘updated’. These labels make it really quick to browse through all your Publications and see which ones you need to approve.


The ‘new’ label indicates a Publication that has been published for the first time and needs to be approved for a Community.

The ‘updated’ label indicates an updated version – it’ll need to be approved for other Communities before they see the latest data.

Quick Menu

Each Publication item has a ‘quick menu’ so you can action it without clicking into the full-page preview. You can quickly approve the latest version or create an Action for a team member to make an amendment. To access the Publication menu, simply hover over a Publication and click on the cog icon.


Managing Your Publications

Need to roll back to a previous version of a Publication? Want to approve a Publication for multiple Communities? Click into the Publication and you’ll find a number of simple controls for managing it.


Community Approvals

The Community Approvals menu shows all the Communities you can approve a Publication for – simply check them and they’re approved.

If you uncheck a Community on the list, it will no longer have access to that version of the Publication, so removing access is easy too.


Version Control

The Version menu displays all the approved versions of a Publication and shows who they were published by. Simply select the version you need to approve, then select the Community you wish to approve it for. Rolling back to a previous version is easy too; if you remove Community access, they’ll have access only to the last approved version.


Creating Actions

Does a Publication need changing before you approve it? Click ‘Create Action’ to request a colleague makes an amendment before it’s approved. They’ll get a new Action in their Action list along with an email request.



Thanks for all your fantastic feedback and suggestions, they enable us to continue improving Sabisu and refining the platform to make it even better and easier to use.

If you have any comments, head over the Sabisu User Group on LinkedIn.

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