The decision pipeline: Acquiring & ensuring high quality data (1 of 6)

“How do you share that?”

That’s the question that no one else was asking – it inspired us to build Sabisu.

With data, a story and reports that support each other, how do you ensure everyone who needs to see it can do so?

Then we started to look at the implicit assumptions in the question.

Is it a question of data?

How many times have you sat in a meeting debating the numbers, instead of the decision? We know that data is often not up to date and many decision makers don’t trust it.

This is all about Data Acquisition, which encompasses data quality, recency and volume. Integration with operational technology, enterprise IT and all those thousands of MS Excel spreadsheets is key.

There are other vendors for whom Data Acquisition is their core value proposition; OSISoft PI connecting to the cloud, or Siemens process data going to SAP HANA as part of Mindsphere.

At Sabisu data acquisition is important as we never know what a customer will have; some customers will run PI in the cloud, where others won’t even have a historian.

Data quality is clearly important and hence Sabisu has a number of techniques to ensure this. It’s also another reason why Sabisu Plant Mobile exists; to improve data quality in unstructured/partially structured data.

To that end, a Sabisu Unit on-premise will acquire data from process historians such as OSISoft PI, AspenTech IP.21, Honeywell Uniformance…as well as SAP, Primavera and other enterprise data sources.

In the cloud, Sabisu Elastic Units can leverage SAP HANA, MS Azure, AWS and more – wherever your data is, we’ll get it for you.

It’s the first step…


If you could get all the data you needed together in one place…how do you find the story? How do you understand what it’s trying to tell you? That’s the next blog post.

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