The decision pipeline: Making decisions stick (6 of 6)

This is the sixth and final post working through the Sabisu decision pipeline. We’ve looked at Data Acquisition, AnalyticsVisualisationDistribution and Action:


How many decisions are made but not tracked? How much does a decision cost or save you? Do your decisions ‘stick’ or do you find you’ve reverted to the ‘old’ way of doing things?

This final step is all about Change; making the decisions and new ways of working stick.

The first and most widely used feature in the Change stack is Notes. Sabisu Notes are write once, see anywhere; if a user writes a note against a particular data point, trend or value, it’s seen by all users acrosss the platform who can see that data.

This applies even if the other users have a different view of the data. It’s unique, phenomenally powerful and gets users working together.

When Sabisu Advisories support the change process too, the changes stick. Advisories are built into Sabisu throughout, encoding the desired changes into automated responses which ensure processes and people are working the new way.

As Sabisu is constantly collecting performance data, there’s a virtuous circle at work. The feedback loop is completed by Auditing; everything that happens on the platform is recorded so that you can refine your processes further.

That’s the end of our journey. We’ve taken data, transformed itseen &  shared itmade the decisions and made them stick:


We took this detailed insight into the process and boiled it down into our Pipeline feature which has been a great success through beta testing and we’ll be releasing to all users soon.

More on that in a blog post very soon.

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