The decision pipeline: Show…don’t tell (3 of 6)

This is the third post working through the Sabisu decision pipeline. In the first post we looked Data Acquisition and in the second, Analytics.

So we’re here on our journey:


With the data now telling us a story through the Analytics used, it’s relatively easy but pretty useless to dump a large table of numbers in front of someone. The human brain is excellent at recognising 2D patterns, so the next challenge is Visualisation.

MS Excel and other reporting tools can give simple bar, line or scatter charts but they’re only good to a point; the toolbox is limited, the tools don’t scale. Try using MS Excel to generate many graphs, or use lots of process data and you’re in a world of pain.

This makes creative reporting difficult. It’s also too easy to create ineffective visualisations. The challenge is to show the story so users can infer the decision possibilities.

Sabisu handles visualisation differently to other applications:

  • Users are deliberately limited to visualisation choices that make sense. This means every Sabisu page is consistent, high quality and easy to use.
  • All the Sabisu standard visualisations are clear, fast and flexible. No other solution can fill a screen with visualisations that perform like Sabisu’s.
  • Each visualisation is user customisable directly in the front end.
  • Each visualisation has analytics in-line, responsive, real-time, so that users can interrogate data to find or refine the story. There’s no waiting for numbers to be crunched.
  • Collaboration is seamless, with Notes, Actions and Advisories all in view against the relevant data. After all, what’s the point of this data if you can’t action it in some way?

Sabisu does give power users and developers more options, through the Sabisu Chart library and external libraries such as D3.

This takes us to half way in our journey:


 In the next blog post we’ll look at a key step; once you have your story, how do you share it?

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