The decision pipeline: Turning insight into $12m (5 of 6)

This is the fifth post working through the Sabisu decision pipeline. We’ve looked at Data Acquisition, AnalyticsVisualisation and Distribution:


What’s the point of gathering the data, building a story & sharing it?

At some point, we want something to happen. Action happens downstream of insight; it’s the decision process proper

This is where we need to look at the options and build consensus. It’s where Sabisu becomes more than just intelligence and an agent for positive change in your business.

Let’s say you’re running a megaproject and you see an unfeasible ramp up in resource allocation in the next quarter. Or your large & complex process is requiring an unfeasible amount of steam. You need someone to take action on this.

This is why we created Actions.

Sabisu Actions fit 80% of needs immediately and can be configured to meet the other 20%. Actions can be assigned to any Sabisu user (regardless of organisation) with visibility only to certain user Communities. Actions deal with serial or parallel workflows and store an ongoing and visible audit history to ensure they’re tracked to completion.

Sometimes there is a correct sequence to a number of Actions; there’s a best practice to be followed. This is when you need Sabisu Processes.

Sabisu Processes are simple to create – you simply hook together Actions to create the process you need. All the usual Actions features apply with auditing, due dates, Community-level visibility and categorisation.

In our megaproject example, our customer saved $2.9m by spotting a resourcing issue early enough to influence it.

In our operations example, our customer saved $1m by reducing steam consumption, saving $12m in three months by ensuring process conformance.


The link between Actions & Processes and the next step is Notifications. Notifications are pushed through multiple channels to ensure that users are kept up to date and can contribute; email, dynamic updates for users in the platform and Sabisu Go.

With the Action step taking us to realising value, our blog post will look at the final question; how do you make your decisions stick for the long term?

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