The key three under your index finger: Explore, Comment, Share

If you could distill Sabisu into three words, it would be Explore, Comment, Share.

These are the things users need right under their index finger. They can’t be immediate & available enough.


The #1 thing users ask for is ‘drill down’ but they mean something else; they want to explore the data, to find the story, to understand why it is as it is.

Explore takes users straight into the Widget Working View so you can analyse, compare and look for relationships and patterns.


(See analytics for more.)


Other collaboration tools start brightly but lose user engagement because they don’t pivot around the data. Sabisu Notes succeed because comments are always in context, in-line with the data.

Comment will open up Notes for you to add your insight or knowledge for your Community, or create an Action to initiate investigation or remedial action.

Comment 2


Easy sharing is a core Sabisu capability. The shared experience is critical to organisations making informed decisions and implementing them.

Share is available on all widgets in the platform. Simply click it and share it interested colleagues.


Of course, you may be concerned about security. Don’t be – we have it covered; there are no less than 7 qualification criteria that have to be satisfied before a user can actually see data, including authorisation from a Community Administrator.

What’s the message?

It’s not just about data. It’s about knowledge; we want to help you get the key knowledge to the right people when they need it.

Knowledge has no value if unused.

Just as you should never rest on your laurels you shouldn’t sit on your data. Share it, it analyse it, act on it.

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