The ‘light bulb’ moment

“How do you share that?”

That’s the question that no one else was asking.

With data, a story and reports that support each other, how do you ensure everyone who needs to see it can do so?

Then we started to look at the implicit assumptions in the question. How do organisations line up the data, story and reports?

The process of making a decision was looking something like this:


That’s unnecessarily complex. Decisions get made without the appropriate data. Decisions don’t get made. Decisions don’t stick.

Let’s play ‘meeting bingo’. How often do you hear one of these lines:

  • “Is that the latest data?”
  • “I don’t recognise those numbers.”
  • “What’s behind that curve?”
  • “Where’s that decision moved to?”
  • “I’ll email you an update on that.”
  • “Didn’t we make a decision to prevent this scenario?”

Sabisu was created so you can answer all those questions right now, on-line.

We took this complex decision making process and radically simplified it into the Sabisu decision pipeline:


Above you’ll see the components we implemented to meet the needs of the pipeline. We wanted something off the shelf, ready for rapid implementation.

Ready when you are.

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