The real reason your Project Execs need mobile Project Metrics

Myself and my Dev Manager are sat in on the Exec team meeting for one of the biggest projects in the world. We’re there so we see how important the decision making process is and what the stakes are. The Project Director eyeballs the Leadership Team around the large table.

“We’ve been given a lot of money to spend wisely. We have a choice. We can either be amateurs, or professionals. What are we going to be?”

It’s rhetorical. At least, no one ventures the wrong answer.

They are professionals. On a project like this they’re the best the organisation has. Without the right tools, they’re hamstrung. However professional, however talented you are, you can’t make a decision without some solid data.

And there, in that room, around that table, is where the mobile solution really matters. Sure, we have customers sending us photos of Sabisu in use on a plane, on a beach, on a plant; all great to see but actually it’s the static use that matters.

The Exec teams need to consume data very quickly and by interrogating it. The ubiquitous iPad is great for this. The best execs are the ones that are questioning, drilling down constantly to question the next layer of detail. That’s where the real lessons are found. Not at the summarised top level, where gloss can be applied.

Sabisu iPad Project Management

So sat around that table they each have in their hands a way to rapidly interrogate the data and move the discussion on. They have a new level of ‘shared experience’ which is beyond the glossy, inevitable, sanitised, one-dimensional PowerPoint.

We wrote about the shared experience some time ago in our Operational Excellence white paper and here we are again. It’s about giving each user the tools they need – tools that are individual to their roles. The data is shared, the interrogation of it is personal, the decisions are collaborative.

Say they don’t have iPads or tablets. What’s wrong with a laptop? Well, everything. These teams need to look each other in the eye. A glance down? Sure, no problem. Erecting a barrier between them and the room is not the right language at all.

Your Execs need mobile devices so they can stay still. Unless you want them to be amateurs.

We hope that’s useful. As always if you have any questions or suggestions, head over to our LinkedIn group and share your thoughts.

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