Three improvements to the Workplace in Sabisu (r6680)

This week we’re announcing three great improvements that will make it even easier for you to build dashboards and manage your Workplace in Sabisu.


The first improvement makes it easier to scroll while dragging Widgets. When your mouse cursor is near the edge of a page with a scrollbar, it will scroll automatically. The viewport position will also remain fixed while scrolling, making it easier for you to place Widgets that are outside the page’s initial boundaries.

Sabisu-Workplace-Widget-Dragging & Scrolling

The second new feature is an improvement to maximised Widgets. When you refresh your page, any Widgets that you have maximised will be remembered by Sabisu and remain maximised after the refresh.


The final improvement means you’ll no longer be able to press Enter to confirm a new sub tab unless you’ve entered a name. This reduces the chances of creating those unwanted, blank sub tabs.



We’ve added the $Repeat dollar function. It follows the syntax of “$Repeat(Count, StringToRepeat)” and accepts commas inside the StringToRepeat.


  • Community User dialogs now return more than the first 5 people inside of a Community.
  • We’ve optimised calls when dealing with chats, posts, Widgets & real-time features.
  • Horizontal and Vertical scrolling is now updated on Widgets after Widget refreshes, rather than page refreshes.


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