Towards total self-service; filtering data in Pipelines

With Sabisu Pipeline Directory you can use any data from anywhere – sometimes you need a little precision in choosing it.

We’ve added filtering into Pipelines. Simply add a data object into the data lane then add a filter in the Filters and Calculations lane below. The filter allows you to limit the result of the data based on standard comparators (contains, =, <, >, etc.) and output this data onto a chart. You can apply filters to any data; project, process, sensor, or enterprise data.

This means you can easily reduce the dataset to that which is required or eliminate some anomalous data that is skewing your results.

Follow these simple steps to apply a filter – in this example, showing the results in a chart:

  • Select Pipeline click on ‘+’ in the Calculations & Filters lane
  • Click on Filter, select the tag you wish to manipulate and then click Add filter
  • Choose the results you wish to view whether this is a value or a time stamp then hit Save
  • Add a Chart into the Do lane and then make sure you only select the manipulation you have just applied.
  • Deploy the widget to your page.
  • Further configuration changes can be made directly to charts by clicking on the Pipelines tab in the Widget Working View.

Filters on Pipelines

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