Total Process flexibility with new Actions triggers

We’ve updated the triggers in Sabisu Processes to allow conditional initiation of Actions; the next Action in a process can be initiated either once all or selected previous Actions have been completed.

When configuring each Action in a Process, users choose which preceding Actions initiate the one they’re configuring. There are two Trigger options:

  • All means the current Action is initiated by Sabisu when all the Actions selected are completed.
  • Any means the current Action is initiated by Sabisu when any one of the Actions selected are completed.

Sabisu looks after all aspects of initiating the Action; creating, allocating, reminding and setting completion dates.

You’ll notice that you can select Actions to be triggered from any of the preceding steps in the Process. This allows you to run several tasks in parallel so you don’t need to wait for one step to begin before you start another.

Work continues on Sabisu Processes; we’re currently working on integrating Standard Operating Procedures into the platform.

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