Two new features added to Actions (r6616)


Actions are fast becoming one of the most popular features in Sabisu. We’ve received a lot of feedback and requests from people. We think these two great features will make Actions even better and easier to use.

The Actions header is now fixed when and always visible. This makes scrolling through your Actions list even quicker.


When you exit an Action, Sabisu now remembers where you were in your Actions list saving you time when navigating between Actions.

Widget Conversations

It’s now possible to pin open a conversation on a Widget so that the Widget conversation stays open. This is a great feature for Widgets that get talked about a lot.



  • We’ve resolved a minor visual problem with the Add Sub-Tab dialog.
  • An issue has been fixed where certain Action items would duplicate in the edit menu when you edited multiple times.
  • We’ve improved the ‘bring-to-front’ functionality when moving or resizing widgets.
  • A styling issue has been fixed caused when there were lots of Publication versions in the Publication approvals. The ordering of versions in the drop-up has also been changed to show the newest first.
  • Charts, if you have a stacked column chart and one of your series has a null value in your dataset, the value from the last series won’t be added to the previous one.
  • Charts, if you have a pie or doughnut chart and you have a data item which has 0 for its value, the segment will not be rendered in the pie. However previously the name of the data point would be displayed regardless which led to some visualisation issues. The chart will now only show values for segments that have been drawn.
  • We’ve fixed a bug with a Widget not being displayed in the Builder when a you have author rights.
  • We’ve fixed a bug which prevented you from from adding a Community page from a Notification.
  • Admin approval emails for creating Communities now include the full Community path to the new Community.

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