Updated comments and filters in Actions and upgraded Oracle support r7644

This week we’re excited to announce some great improvements to Actions including expanding comment boxes, new filters and the ‘I’m done’ indicator for completed work.


Based on your feedback we’ve improved how you add comments to Actions. The text box now automatically expands to so you can see everything you’ve typed.


We’ve added a new filter so you can now sort your Actions by Priority & Impact. Your filter choices will also be remembered across browsers which saves you entering them each time.


We’ve improved search in Actions so it now searches the Category for an Action too, making your searches even more accurate.


In your Action list, we’ve added a green checkbox next to Actions where you’ve marked your work as complete. The Action will still appear in the list until the owner has closed the Action as complete. Also, hovering over the assigned users list will display which people have completed their work in the Action.


Finally, to make things a bit more personal, we’ve changed the default view in Actions to show Actions you have been assigned sorted by due date.

Sabisu Publisher

You’re now asked to close Excel before installing an update to the Sabisu Publisher to ensure all files are updated to the latest version.

We’ve also added full support for Oracle connectivity into the platform.


  • If you discard your changes when editing a Community page, the title in the dialogue box has been changed from “Delete Tab” to “Discard Changes”.
  • Removing a maximised Widget returns your page back to normal and makes all your Widgets available on your page again.
  • Excel download links can now be clicked more than once when using the ChromeFrame extension.

Got some feedback?

We love hearing your comments and feedback, it helps us to continue making Sabisu better and better for you. Head over to the Sabisu User Group on LinkedIn.

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