Updates to the Sabisu Support Centre

Sabisu has always offered useful and intuitive in-platform support. We’ve extended this to further reduce the reliance on email support and so the support team get improved information when you have a problem.

The issue reporting mechanism allows you to include a screenshot in your request which is then sent through to the support team as well as the underlying metadata such as Communities your issue may be tied to, data sources and any processing being applied to the data.

This extra information means from the offset we can deal with your issue more efficiently without the need for a lengthy discussion. The improved data quality means we can more easily spot patterns and make improvements to the product to prevent issues or deal with them quickly before they affect other users.

There are two ways for you to report an issue in the platform:

  1. Click the question mark located next to your profile settings – This will open up a dialogue so you can report your issue and take a screenshot

2. Through the Sabisu Support Centre you can raise a request and pick a particular topic such as Pipelines, Communities etc

When your issue is updated either with a status update or comment from the Support Team you’ll also be sent an email so you’re kept in the loop.


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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