Making it easier to add users to a Community

Including users in a Community is a key Sabisu feature, used every day. With the latest update it should be easier and quicker than ever.

You’ll now be presented with an auto-complete as opposed to a drop down list so you just need to start typing to be presented with all the matching Communities – so no scrolling through a long list to find the one you’re looking for.

All Communities will be shown with their full paths as it’s quite common to have similarly named Communities in different places in the organisation, e.g., Communities called ‘Cost’ for two different projects, or ‘Variable Costs’ for several different sites.

You might also find the ‘Copy a user’ feature useful. For example, if one user is replacing or deputising for another, it’s a very quick way to set that new user up – one click, instead of having to find all the relevant Communities individually.


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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