User Experience updates

We’ve made three improvements to the platform this week which we think will give you a much better user experience.

Actions Update:

From now on you’ll be notified of updates to Actions you have created or those assigned to you.

If the Action is allocated to a Community of which you are a member you’ll get updates pushed to you, as you have joint responsibility to move the Action forward.

If the Action is just visible to the Community you won’t get an update. You can see the Action and its updates but Sabisu won’t actively push a Notification to you.

Invite Users Update:

We’ve made how you invite a user to a Community more intuitive. When you select Invite user the dialog will be pre-populated with the current Community so you don’t need to scroll through a long list.

Create New Page Update:

We’ve moved the “Create new page” functionality to now appear in the Create New menu located in the Sabisu platform header bar. This allows you to create a new page quickly and easily.

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