Using your uploaded MS Excel data in Sabisu

Sabisu Go is a key part of many Sabisu solutions, unlocking all those MS Excel spreadsheets that keep your organisation running.

MS Excel is a great servant but terrible master; all those spreadsheets and reports can be time consuming to maintain, version control and share.

Sabisu Pipelines have now been hooked up to the Sabisu Go data. Simply point the Sabisu Pipeline to your spreadsheet publication and you have the full range of Sabisu capability; collaboration, reporting, analytics, workflow triggering and so on.

Any MS Excel data is in play. It’s easy.

Select the range of data you wish to publish and share using Sabisu Go.
Select ‘Publish as data’.

Create a Sabisu Pipeline and point it to your data.

Sabisu will walk you through a wizard to make sure the data is usable.

Now, as we’re using your MS Excel as the data source, what happens when your spreadsheet is updated?

As you’ll appreciate if you’re a Go user, Sabisu’s databases will be updated with any changes automatically.

This will automatically update any Pipelines so all your charts, analytics, advisories and process triggers will be evaluated or updated.

You can rest assured the data you’re viewing is the most current and up to date version.

Once your data is in the Pipeline you can apply the usual Sabisu Analytics as you would with the time-series data, share with your Communities and start collaborating online in real time – without tedious email chains and attachments.

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