What happens when you upload a file in Sabisu Go?

Sabisu Go is a small app that allows you to quickly and easily integrate any and all of your data into Sabisu reports and analytics.

Most of our customers are heavily reliant on MS Excel. It’s a powerful tool but leads to proliferation; lots of conflicting reports means reconciliation is difficult, reports are inconsistent and not credible.

This applies to all MS Excel; from project to process data; from Primavera to AspenTech IP21 and OSISoft PI.

Publishing reports using Go eliminates proliferation, centralising all your reports and their underlying data around user communities.

Every time you publish using Go, automation kicks in to make your life easier – both now and when you come to report in 6 months, a year, or 6 years.

Every time you update Sabisu, this happens:

What happens when I upload an Excel file



In practice, this results in:

  1. Instant reports
    Sabisu will create default reports automatically. It’ll even add them to a page ready for you.
    Starting as a table, you can quickly format a variety of chart types and share them. The idea is to give you something for nothing; a simple visualisation for zero effort.
  2. Versioning
    Every update is stored in its entirety as a new version.
    Everyone can see the latest update – unless it’s version controlled.
    As soon as you version control an upload, all future updates are also version controlled, meaning you can hold data for review and approval before updating the Sabisu platform for your users.
  3. Data extraction & storage
    Every update is decomposed into our noSQL datastore in its entirety.
    Sabisu stores all of it, just in case you decide way down the line that it’s important, or you want to calculate KPIs using significant quantities of historical data.
    So that’s all your MS Excel spreadsheets stored for eternity.
  4. Calculations & KPIs
    Sabisu decodes your spreadsheet formulae to automatically construct calculations.
    These calculations can then be used to drive visualisations across the platform. Or you can use the analytics capability to build a story around them.
    These calculations will update continuously as the data behind them updates automatically – without your intervention.
    Sabisu will also create the connections necessary to any back-end systems used in formulae within MS Excel, so that when you’re ready to move to a real-time system without MS Excel, it’s ready to go.

Sabisu Go allows you to publish your reports and their underlying data into an easy to use, enterprise grade reporting dashboard.

It solves your consistency, communication and presentation challenges.

Go integrates MS Excel, OSISoft PI, AspenTech IP21 and via ODBC/OLEDB almost any data source.

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