What’s next? Sabisu in 2017

It’s been quite a year at Sabisu; new customers, many changes to the platform and a structured, growing organisation.

2017 will be similarly exciting. We’re really focused on making it the best year possible for our customers.

Our three key technical teams each have a single focus for 2017.

Customer Implementation

We get so much positive feedback from end-users. We love it. So we’re doubling down on that.

Our 2017 focus is to maximise positive customer feedback.

Supporting this are three key streams of activity:

  • Developing the engagement experience
  • Improving the transition from platform development to customer
  • Making enterprise adoption easy

Platform Development

2017 is about empowering the user; enabling them to get the most from Sabisu. It’s used in the most complex operations and projects on earth, where simplicity and clarity is vital.

Our 2017 focus is to make the most valuable features self-service.

The three key streams of activity:

  • Simplify the platform to empower users
  • Build out the multi-platform workflow capability
  • Improve platform UX interactions


Sabisu is most useful when providing leading indicators that ensure leadership teams deliver on their promises and targets. How can we inform those leading indicators better?

Our 2017 focus is on weak signal identification and analysis.

The three key streams of activity:

  • Machine learning
  • Weak signal detection without machine learning
  • Personal mission control

There are also a number of projects we’re not ready to talk about quite yet. You’ll see news on them throughout the year…but suffice it to say they’re very exciting and will fundamentally change the decisions you make and how you get work done.

Other exciting things to look forward to…

Our first user groups are kicking off in January with plenty of customers attending to share best practice and guide our development programme:

  • Operational User Group – 18th January
  • Projects User Group – 24th January

These groups will be quarterly and will involve cake!

If this is something you’d like to get involved with contact us!

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