When do I use Sabisu instead of my historian/DCS process viewer?

Sabisu deployments often include many operational levels; operators/technicians, shift managers, process engineers, functional heads, executive teams.

A common question is how Sabisu fits alongside other operational tools, particularly those bundled with DCS or historian software.

Process Control

Sabisu is not a process control application. DCS or APC HMI is specifically designed to mimic physical layout and designed for control room operators who need real-time process control. They’re stripped back, delivered through proprietary user interfaces which prioritise performance and safety.

With plant mobile, role-based workflow and operational intelligence use-cases, Sabisu has specific approaches to HMI which augment existing process control.

Process Data Analysis

Many of our customers use AspenONE Process Explorer or OsiSoft PI Process Book to analyse process data.

These tools are quick, relatively easy to use and have built in analysis capabilities. Yet their use is restricted mainly to process oriented users (e.g., process engineers) and MS Excel remains preferred for sharing analysis, scenario planning or manipulating data.

Everything else?

By comparison, Sabisu sees 95% penetration of the enterprise user base. This is because Sabisu steps in where these tools stop. So where should you use Sabisu?

  • Where you need to share data is a core Sabisu capability; it’s easy and the data is always trustworthy and up to date. There’s no installation, training or onboarding required.
  • If you need multi-source reports, e.g., need to see data alongside other data, even if it’s from other systems. Sabisu’s user interface supports an infinite number of reports and levels, plus it’s very easy for anyone to use – from operators to execs.
  • Where you need to go mobile, it’s a core capability – both enterprise mobile (e.g., iPads) and plant mobile (e.g., intrinsically safe devices).
  • Where you need workflow, Sabisu Actions and Processes allow role-based workflows to be executed and controlled.
  • Where you need to persist knowledge, Sabisu Notes ensures users always have the full context and knowledge is persisted right where you want it – alongside the relevant data.

These areas are where Sabisu differentiates itself.

No other third party process analysis tools have these capabilities. They are excellent for specific analysis, e.g., golden batch analysis. Without the platform approach, these tools are necessarily limited to small numbers of users.

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