Widget Working View – new levels of flexibility in analysing your data

Maximising a Widget is great for analysing data in detail but we’ve always wanted to give users more flexibility. Widget Working View is a step change in platform capability to give you instant analytics, improved collaboration and visualisation flexibility.

We believe Widget Working View (WWV) will optimise how you view, analyse and interrogate your data.

Pan & Zoom has been enhanced to be much more responsive and interactive. As you’ll see below you can Pan and Zoom on graph widgets using the buttons in the top right of the screen; you can drag to zoom in on an area or zoom in and then drag the chart around.


Maximising the Widget puts you straight into Widget Working View. You can zoom using the mouse scroll wheel, drag to zoom or just zoom into the centre using the menu items. Once zoomed you can drag the chart around to find the data you want.

You can also quickly interrogate your data and query any anomalies at the tap of a button. The Config tab in the right hand panel allows you to configure the Widget to your needs, choosing different chart types and series; Scatter, Line, Column and Area charts can be mixed and matched.

You can also enable or disable a series simply by clicking on it.


Using the Widget Configuration to change the mode gives flexibility. For example if you have cost data represented, you could use Widget Configuration to show total costs, costs for a specific period, variable costs only or costs for a specific plant.

As you’ll see below adding a note on a range in a chart is more efficient so any comments you make will show up immediately to anyone actively viewing the chart.

If a Widget is a Publication, then there’s a handy Version History panel enabling you to instantly view previous versions of the Widget.  You’ll see who made the changes and can revert to a previous version if required. If you would like a tutorial on how to use Version History please Contact us and we can arrange a 1:1.


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