Workflow Management with Sabisu Flow

Sabisu Flow are a focus for the platform development team right now. Flow is a chain of Actions which trigger in sequence – each one being created and allocated after the previous one is complete, allowing you to build any process, however complex.

They also work seamlessly with Sabisu Pipelines so you trigger a process based on criteria set by you, e.g., when a particular cost centre breaches a limit, or when a process parameter falls below a certain limit.

Once you’ve set up a Flow you can edit or trigger it on demand and Sabisu will take care of the rest by sending out Actions as and when they are required.


To set a Flow to trigger from a Pipeline you will need to first create the Flow (see above) then select the correct Flow within the Pipeline (see below):

process with pipeline

It’s remarkably easy to get started with Flow and, of course, because Sabisu uses Actions to deliver them users can access and update them on any Android mobile device.

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