Workplace Auditing

If you have the Creator role in a Community you can add Pages to Workplaces, rename the Workplace and reorder the Pages within the Workplace. Of course, as soon as there’s more than one Creator, possibly working in shifts, there’s always that chance that something has changed…but it’s not clear who did what when.

Workplace Auditing has been introduced to make this easy to deal with. When a user updates a Workplace they are prompted to share the Workplace updates and add a supporting comment to provide more information on the change they are making.

Updates that are currently tracked include:

  • Adding/removing a Page
  • Renaming a Workplace
  • Re-ordering Pages in a Workplace

This information can then be seen in the audit log for the Workplace. You’ll find the audit log in the new Workplace menu – the three vertical dots that appear when you hover over a Workplace.


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